Honoring your child as you take interest in his world

One of the many things I have learned by being a hands on mom of almost 6 years now is the importance of showing my son I value him by allowing him to usher me in his world of play. It is often easy to see a kids ongoings as petty and all. But I find that it means a lot to him that I indulge him as he creates robots and out of this world creatures out of lego pieces.

Jed calls this his tunnel tree. 🙂

With a lot of things in my head as being the lone person to take care of the house (and everything else), you can just imagine how easy it is for me to get distracted and do something in between the conversations of one robot to the other.

It is also during these times when I get amazed at how creative a child can be. His creations of random stuff from his toy pieces. I also noticed that he loves tying his toys together and just pretend them to be trains as he claims to be the train engineer. How he would rather create things from scratch.

These things, for the most part, are all but petty stuff for us adults and just don’t have the time for in our regular day. But it is about knowing more of your child than just being this energizer kiddo running around the house all the time. The skill of giving your child’s interests your undivided attention is an acquired one that we parents can get around to doing. It is telling your child that you have time for him and you are interested in his world. Five years and counting, I still consider myself a work in progress. 🙂

Honoring your child as you take interest in his world

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