Staying healthy this 2011

New year came in and reminded our family that we need to take steps to live healthier. More veggies, less meat. We welcomed the new year not in our best health. My eyes started becoming vulnerable. The number of hours I spend on the computer has taken its toll on my poor eyes. But I am still thankful that my vision is still 20/20. I have been going back and forth to the eye doctor to have it checked. I was first told I had conjunctivitis, then allergy, then dry eyes. For which, I was given artificial tears. Now I can no longer function in front of the computer for more than 5 minutes without my multi-coated spectacles. I can’t even manage to have my hair dried in front of the fan without getting my eyes all red. I might have to go check with another doctor just so I could have a clear diagnosis of what this is.

This is aside from the fact that I have been sporting this cough that was passed on by my son first week of January. He only had it for 4 days, while I have been pretty miserable for a good couple of weeks. Thank God I am a lot better now. The hubby was sick too for some weeks with the same bug. But his recurrent complaints are more of his aching muscles here and there. Thankfully, nothing serious like he would need acl braces for. He’s doing Aikido twice a week and Mixed Martial Arts once a week. Those are probably the culprits. He said it himself, he is not getting any younger. I am still hoping to get him convinced to go vegetarian, or if all, for us to lean more on veggies than meat.

We are praying that we will be healthier the rest of the year than when we were when we welcomed 2011 and it starts with our lifestyle choice. It is a blessing that our son is not so hard to convince. He now prefers whole wheat bread over the white one that we got used to. So that’s a good start. 🙂

Staying healthy this 2011

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