In defense of Babywise


In connection with the blog post I published last year is this entry dedicated in defense of Babywise. I figured with my response as lengthy as the one I posted below, I might as well dedicate a separate blog on it altogether. But you will have to refer to the specific post on parenting to get hold of the exact context.

I don’t remember mentioning that Babywise as middle ground. I know a lot have labeled it as the other extreme and it could be for some reason. This is why there were just certain principles that we took from Becoming Babywise and it worked for us, still do. It did say that scheduling does not have to be rigid, you device a system where it will work best for all concerned.

Our son started sleeping through the night at two months and he is not undernourished in any way. In fact, all through his infancy up until now that he is five, all his developmental milestones (physical and otherwise) are all above average. Babywise has very practical and Biblical principles, if one will really look into it. Like not allowing babies to play with things that are not toys. It protects them from dangers that they could get themselves into otherwise. I cannot remember a moment when my husband and I had to run towards our son just to make sure he does not play with electric sockets or mealtimes will have to be a chore that turns into a chasing game.

Let us say that we were without helper or nanny and it forced us to instill this kind of discipline. But even if we do not pertain to said specific things, our son generally respects our authority. We did not allow for the battle of wills to exist in our home. Of course, we do not encourage Babywise to families with special child.

“Freedom comes with responsibility.” What can be more practical than that? Why would any parent give a child to freedom to handle the remote control, for instance when he is not ready yet to know what it is for and it will just end up being dropped and broken. The book’s principles really make sense and it has been almost six years and we’re reaping the benefit of a well behaved, secure and loving child.

It’s a plus that I do not have to run around during meals to chase him and give him the food. It has been discipline that taught our son to stay seated until he’s done with his food, right from the time he was able to seat on his high chair. Why would I subject myself to unnecessary woes of motherhood when there’s a better way to enjoy parenting my son and train him up to be a disciplined individual right from the beginning?

It is also false to conclude that there is a danger for a child brought up Babywise way will grow up insecure. Whoever who has met our son will say otherwise. The stress is definitely non-existent in our family. Never a delayed weight issue right from infancy, as well. People should really investigate further on the principles behind BabyWise. This is coming from a family that has benefited from its principles right from day one.

We just hope to share here that all that we have practiced are off shoot from the choices we made as we choose to be intentional parents to our son through the years. If Babywise is not for other families, then it’s their choice. I have nothing against families who take up AP instead. That’s their choice. As for us we don’t get ourselves dictated by any type, whether AP or BW. We just take up principles that make sense and prove to be biblical, apply them and we see from there. So far, we’re good. 🙂


In defense of Babywise

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