A Mom’s Fab Eco Find: Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

More and more households are turning “green” nowadays. Yes, that includes our home. We have been using mostly biodegradable and all natural household products for some years now. There are a handful of benefits of going green in our homes. Whenever we use eco-friendly products, we automatically reduce the risks of toxins coming into our home. Resulting to a healthier us.

Although our society is more conscious now, especially so that we are already tagged as the “Wellness Generation,” good quality all natural alternative products are still painfully scarce.  Just a few weeks back, I actually had to go to this Sesou kiosk in Glorietta to do my green shopping for our supply replenishment.

My son has been using GIGA VCO soap since he was a baby. I love that he does not get sour smelling even after long hours of play time. I have recently discovered Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap that does the same. The best part about it is that this soap dissolves the slowest. It is such a treasure find, if you may. I tried Human Nature too. But I was deeply disappointed. Sure, their products smell so fragrant from the bottle. But my son would smell sour as soon as he’d get sweaty.

To think that during my first few visits to the Sesou kiosk, I dismissed the Plantex items that were on the stall.  They were rather plain looking and do not exactly come in very attractive packaging. But given that I was no longer going back to using Human Nature and with GIGA‘s rather fast dissolving soaps, I was ready to experiment on Plantex Green Organic bath soap during my next visit. I was not the bit disappointed. Just check out the photos below for proof. Please note that both my son and I are using this very soap and we would even sometimes bathe twice a day. 😀

November 2010

January 2011 (as of this writing)

The sweet thing about is that I got the affirmation straight from my mom when she asked why I had to put cologne on Jed when he is just home. She said that Jed smells good even if he’s sweaty. I told her that it’s my newly discovered soap. She immediately told me to buy her the next time I go buy our supply. For P75 (less than $2), this soap is so worth it! I tried searching the web and found out that they have a whole bunch of other household products. Sesou  carries Plantex Green‘s soap and toothpaste.

Nope, Plantex Green is not paying me for this post. I just thought it was just right to share my fab eco find. We all could make use of a greener household and sweet smelling loves of our lives. 🙂

A Mom’s Fab Eco Find: Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

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