Valentines Gifts: Luxury Valentines Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat!

If you’re looking for luxury chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day, visit Hotel Chocolat! With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, now’s the time to shop for those special gifts. Hotel Chocolat is the only British specialist chocolatier to have its own Caribbean cocoa-growing estate – the Rabot Estate on the island of St Lucia. Here Hotel Chocolat prides itself on using only the finest ingredients – including cocoa grown on specially chosen trees – to make delicious luxury chocolate.

The Valentine’s range from Hotel Chocolat is large, with gifts available at a range of different prices and suitable for both men and women. Luxury chocolate is a failsafe valentines gift – a traditional choice, made extra special by choosing the finest quality and most flavoursome varieties.

Pick-Me-Up and Be My Valentine! is a goody bag stuffed with romantic chocolate goodies, a lovely surprise for your loved one, containing a bag of Caramel Drops, six Strawberry Heart white chocolates and six Caramel Heart milk chocolates. Similarly romantic is the Valentines Ribbon Tied Selection – a ribboned-box holding pralines, dreamy caramels, strawberry love hearts and more. If you’re looking for a traditional and classy gift, a box of Classic Champagne Truffles has sixteen individual milk chocolate truffles with crisp shells, and creamy soft centres made with real cream and marc de champagne.

If you’re looking for a small yet special gift, Sweet Lips are passionately pink lips cast in 40% milk chocolate and filled with luscious milk chocolate truffle, set in a cute little box. For the man in your life – if this applies – the 72% Dark Chocolate Hero Tablet is a tasteful and tasty tablet of solid chocolate, a perfect reward for your personal hero!

Whether you’re treating a loved one, or enjoy browsing for gifts that may inspire you to drop some heavy hints for your partner, the 2011 valentines chocolate range from Hotel Chocolat is well worth a look! The Hotel Chocolat website is an extremely interesting resource for chocoholics – full of information on how high quality chocolate is made along with gourmet chocolate recipes. It is also interesting to read how Hotel Chocolat work with cocoa farmers in Africa and the Caribbean through the ‘Engaged Ethics’ programme to help improve their livelihoods.

Choose easy online delivery from Hotel Chocolat for a hassle-free way to shop for luxury chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day. All made with high-quality, ethically-sourced chocolate, the Hotel Chocolat selection of valentine’s gifts is extensive – ranging from the traditional box of chocolates to extravagant chocolate hampers!

Valentines Gifts: Luxury Valentines Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat!
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