Grateful for the year that was (2010)

Drafting a year ender post can be anything but easy, let alone publishing one. I will just go right ahead and make use of my 2010 digital album and do a photo essay. It is just sweet to look back and see God’s wonderful blessings to our family this year.

God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! Lamentations 3:22-23

Since I figured 365 photos in one post will be a little too overwhelming, I’m sharing at least a photo for each month of 2010 instead to represent what I consider the highlight blessing/s.

Hopscotch January

This hopscotch activity that our little homeschooler did in the morning of January 18 was a foreshadowing of God’s leading to bless us through the Court of 2010.  Aside from the fact that as a homeschooling family, it was a great deal for us to get through 2009 in this homeschooling journey. It being our first year. When 2010 came in, we were pretty confident that we will breeze through it even as we saw the overall academic development of our son.  And it wasn’t just in the homeschooling arena that the Lord decided to bless us in.  2010 is an overwhelmingly good year for us and we only have got the Lord to credit this to. Hopscotching through 2010 was fun despite the challenges along the way. 😀

February Family Photo

Aside from all the fun we had in February including: Bungee Fun in Eastwood, the hubby winning a Canon camera, Jed’s graduation pictorial over at School of Tomorrow in Paranaque, the JIVE leaders appreciation dinner, this family photo we had is a runaway favorite.  I have used this image a handful of times in my Arts Cow adventures.

Hot Pink March

Pink has always been my color ever since I can remember – from the time my mom has appointed everything pink in the house is mine and everything yellow is my sister’s.  So when I won this ASUS Limited Edition Karim Rashid Eee PC during the media launch, I could not be more thrilled! 😀 To think that all I invested in when I attended the launch was the hot pink dress I bought from the Tiendesitas tiangge for P100.  I was not really expecting to win. For one, I was expecting the ASUS people to pick one from the traditional media like some brands are inclined to do. I just thought I’d be a good girl and come in Hot Pink as requested from the media invite.  Towards the end of March, yet another Hot, but not so pink news came in – the hubby became a Mensa member!

It was in March when Marriage and Beyond was featured in Good Housekeeping and our son graduated from Preschool with Ace and Christ with 2 Awards. It was indeed a month filled with blessings. 😀

April JIVE

It has been a tradition for us to spend time with our church’s ministry leaders during Holy Week when most of them are free from work and school. It is a blessing that we are able to afford these little treats to show them how much we not only appreciate them but love to spend quality time with them. As tiny as our little abode is, we cramped ourselves in, playing Wii and singing our hearts out.  The boys went to the court to play some ball in the afternoon as the ladies cheered them on.

It was also in April when we were able to acquire Lady Rouge. It was a real blessing especially after the devastation of Typhoon Ketsana happened. The old car that we have been using started to act up in all ways possible since.

Birthdays May

It was in May when we celebrated our son’s 5th Birthday and SBC-Makati’s 7th Anniversary.  Some of the things that happened during the month were: Zoobic Safari, Jeff winning the Nike Pacman challenge the Tagaytay trip with high school batchmates, Elections, et. al.

June Breaking Point in Kenya

Jeff was privileged to join a team to do some Breaking Point Programs in 7 schools and 2 churches in Nairobi, Kenya last June. Although it was a pain to be away from my husband for two weeks, the report on how God has used them in this outreach was worth it. 1,072 professions of faith!

Below is an excerpt of the report Jeff shared to the church when he came back from Kenya.  It is a blessing that despite the almost always non-cooperative broadband connection that we have been using (Sun Broadband) during our livestream broadcasts, the audio at this particular time was clear enough.

Family Game Time July

Due to our son’s persistence and because Monopoly Jr. cannot be played solo, Family Game Time was set.  It was fun how he learned a lot of his arithmetics playing this game.

Love ni Mister, Love ni Misis August

I won’t even call it a few seconds of fame, because it was not much of an exposure. We are more like extras. Hihi! But I just love the fact that we were able to promote this site, Marriage and Beyond during the segment. Mina is authentic, that much I can say. Despite the many episodes she had to tape (our’s was their last), she was still bubbly even during breaks. My father kept insisting before we went for the studio for me to let Zoren know that we are third cousins. He and Lito Legaspi being second cousins. I just found it too trivial to bother Zoren with. It was a first for us and it was fun. 🙂

KL September

Admittedly, traveling on someone’s birthday is not a perfect plan, we did make the most of it though. This is also why I made sure I booked our trip (again for the husband’s birthday) next year a day before his birthday. It was our first time to visit Kuala Lumpur. We loved it! Three days is way too short! We stayed at Holiday Villa. Here is the husband’s post on our low cost travel to KL. 🙂

September also happens to be our birth month. The hubby turned 35, while I turned 34. He wanted to give me an everlon but settled for a Technomarine, which I love no less. And there is also another magazine feature on marriage. 🙂

Health Scare October

You’d think that it came with the Hallow’s Eve theme of October, but it did not. It was a real scare that made me think I might have to leave my boys too soon.  It was in 1998 when I recommitted my life to God’s disposal.  And because I knew God knows what He was doing, I went ahead with my regular grind, even enrolled my son to a Karate class during the week waiting until I got my Colonoscopy done.  The good news came as soon as I woke up. That is also why I was smiling groggily in this photo. The test turned out negative for anything terminal.  Praise God! 😀

Wedlocked November

With tasks stacked one after the other, this is the one event that I almost was not able to go to. Although most of the teachings were not uncommon, it was just sweet to be reminded of the basics of a successful marriage. The things that were shared during this year’s Couples Retreat of our mother church, SBC, further affirms our stand on having a non-mediocre marriage. How feasible it is for married couples to be able to embrace it.

To borrow one of the few quotes in our handout: “In the ideal marriage, husband and wife are loyal to each other – not because it is their duty. But because it is their joy.”

Eventful December

December has always been the most eventful of all the months. We celebrated our 9th anniversary, Christmas preparations came in soon after.  We had the SBC-Makati‘s ministry leaders retreat in Loreland Farm Resort. Some were not able to make it as they left for the province, taking advantage of the holiday break. It is a joy to minister with this church family. We are thrilled that Jeff’s father is also home for the holidays. We are having them over too as we welcome 2011. 😀

There are so many things to thank God for in 2010. But we are even more thrilled to welcome 2011 as we look forward to a more exciting year. We anticipate the challenges as we pray for the Lord to prepare our hearts to face them. There are still unresolved issues here and there. But whoever said that all issues will be resolved in this imperfect world. Works in progress, that’s what we should be. Again, Progress Not Regress. 🙂

To all our readers, friends, loved ones, a blessed 2011 to all of you!  May the Lord continue to reveal more of Himself to us as we move forward to living out the purposes for our lives. 🙂

Grateful for the year that was (2010)
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