Quality time in the midst of the holiday bustle

The year Twenty Ten sure has breezed through right in front of us – just like that! But it did not just come and soon to go without making a mark. The blessings were aplenty, if I would have to list down each and every one of them.

Time flies so fast. Before we know it, the holidays will soon be over. I have personally been out of sorts lately because of the busyness that is all around us. The hubby and I have to both stop for a while and leave tasks e.g. health care job postings – whether online or offline and just focus on each other. Yes, there are times we have to force ourselves to do what we should do before going back to our usual grind.

That is the thing about marriages. As much as we support each other with the things we do whether apart or separately, we have to make sure we come together and focus on each other every so often – for me it is at least once a week. Otherwise, I get to miss my husband so much and next thing I know is I get cranky and out of sorts. With a husband as busy as mine, I have to commit to be the one to remind him. It is good to expect him to initiate. But sometimes I just have to lovingly ask him for his undivided attention. Affirming Quality Time as being my love language. 🙂

Quality time in the midst of the holiday bustle

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