Gifts for Christmas

A week to go and I am still not done ticking off everything in my Christmas list. Love ones are already requesting for my traditional Christmas cookies. But with work up to my neck probably until the last minute until Christmas, I know I won’t be able to prepare even a single bunch this year.

Instead, I’ve bought the usual stuff like petite clothing for my nieces and friends and toys for the boys. As I was doing my rounds in some of the bazaars and malls, I found myself picking up a dress or two for myself. I was amazed with the cheap but lovely finds in the bazaars. It’s good though that I am done with bazaars for now. The crowd can be oh so overwhelming already. Giving gifts to our love ones can really be the most exciting thing this season. But let us not forget the Reason for the season – Jesus! 🙂

Gifts for Christmas

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