Mama’s 65th Birthday!

We celebrate my mom’s birthday today. It’s her 65th and we continue to thank God that she has remained healthy and sharp. I know she’d correct me when she reads this and say she has had her better days. While I know that, I sincerely thank God that she is still good as she is. She might tell me of her wrinkles. But I’d say, each line in her face has its own story to tell.

If there was anything I vividly remember about Mama, it is her love for writing, or at least, her files upon files of Incoming and Outgoing Correspondences that she used to keep in the office table ever since I was a kid. She had me look into her slumbook from high school. She is such a sentimental lady! And boy can she write! I have always believed if there should be a bloggger in the family, it really should be my mom.

So for her birthday, I might not have gotten her a lingerie like one of the gifts I have given her in the past. But a free lifetime hosting for her spanking, brand new website. Happy birthday, Mama! We love you very, very much and we pray that the Lord will keep you healthy, strong and wise for many more years. 🙂

Mama’s 65th Birthday!

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