Karate as supplementary class for our homeschooler

My husband and I are happy with my son’s progress in his Karate class. He has been with the class for two months now and so far he is enjoying every session he has with them and we see his skills progress. As homeschoolers, we really are not compelled to enroll our son in a supplementary subject like Piano, Voice, Karate or Taekwondo. But we found that it will benefit him as it further reinforces the need for discipline. Before that the only socialization he had was Sunday School classes.

This coming 16th is going to be our son’s Christmas party with his Karate class team. For a homeschooler, my son attending two Christmas parties related to his classes isn’t bad. It’s not that going to parties is such a great deal. We really are just thrilled that our son is doing better in his socialization skills and he even got his Masters Christmas presents. 🙂

Time flies fast. It won’t be long until this little guy will be popping a pimple and won’t be so little anymore. We are enjoying him as he now grows to be a more disciplined and mature young person.

Karate as supplementary class for our homeschooler

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