On to Level 1 we go!

On to Grade 1 we go! Our son actually had to take the Post Test exam twice. The requirement was for the student to have a perfect score. So despite how pleased the teacher was with Jed acing his reading test, he has to practice more on his writing skill. After a couple of weeks of practice, he finally got a perfect score on every subject and now we are officially on to Grade/Level 1!

We are pleased that the Living Heritage Academy has this kind of exam that assess students if they are fit for the next level. The thing with homeschooling is that as my son’s Teacher Mama, it will be easy to find myself biased with my own assessment of my son. I like that it is not my call and there is this “quality control” measurement for the students.

I still am not sure if my being a grade school supervisor this time around will be of any difference from that when we were in our preschool program. We have yet to get hold of the manual and paces in the coming couple of weeks. I will know then and maybe I might just be able to squeeze some workout time for myself that I have long putting off for the longest time. 

On to Level 1 we go!

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