No videos week

Our son is grounded from watching videos and playing the game consoles this week. He acted up last Sunday when a boy in church won’t allow him to borrow his Ben10 toy. As adorable as he seems to be (at least to us), this little guy also has some naughty tricks in him and because despite of the number of warnings, he still pushed it.  So it is a no videos week for him, aside from the spanking that he got for pushing the boy.

Jed is reading “Old Mother Hubbard”

We are happy that he has accepted the consequences of his actions and he is actually making the most of his time reading and writing the whole week. We also explained to him about pardon. That he might get pardoned within the week if we see him doing good. And I have been getting good reports from my mom too (who I left him with whenever I am out) that he does not insist on watching tv or playing on the computer when we are out.

Yesterday was something else. I was telling him that I will allow him one Sid the Science Kid episode for the day. I was actually expecting him to go giddy over it. But he said he would rather finish where he left off with his reading! That is coming from a five year old fella! 🙂

Meanwhile, I also had to child proof our computers and install Chrome Nanny. For a few minutes a day, I usually allow him to use one of the computers in the house to play online educational games via the PBS Kids. And because sometimes he also needs to “google” words that he encounter from his readings. He goes to search from time to time. Just to be sure, aside from giving him his own log with password on the computers, the Chrome Nanny has got to be installed too. 🙂

No videos week
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