The benefits of nurturing the love of reading to a child

When we started reading to our son when he was still an infant, when he obviously cannot yet appreciate what we were talking about, I really did not have a clue if it was really going to work for the long haul. The idea is for him to get used to our voices and the tones as we spoke.
At 5 years old, I am so delighted to find him happily buried in his books. Thanks to my Uncle Danny who sent a whole library of books from the states some 8 years back. Way before my son was conceived. Because of my son’s love for books, it is not hard to detach him from playing with the console, whether xbox or wii.

I am often surprised with the facts that he randomly shares. Like when he recently talked about the planet that is in the Goldilocks zone in space – The Gliese 581. I first thought he was kidding. I was just floored when I googled and found out that he was right. He was even able to memorize the chronological order of the planets without me even teaching him.

We are delighted that he now initiates learning things for himself and is fascinated by things that he learns. Just last week, he told me that a goldfish when born is originally black in color and turns orange in the long run. The love for reading is something that children should really be nurtured at the grass roots. This way, a parent need not force it on the child in his school age.

The benefits of nurturing the love of reading to a child

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