Focus on Parenting: A child’s heart in the right place

When I shared my thoughts and agreed with Dr. James Dobson on his take on how deal with a Strong Willed Child, I remember being sold out to every principle he shared in his book.

Three years after, my husband and I still share the same sentiment. We would not have overcome that phase of our son battling with our will (a.k.a. the Terrible Two phase), no matter how short that was, if it were not for the principles that we followed.

Being strong willed is not bad in itself. In fact, it can very well be a good sign of a child’s ability to be an overcomer when he grows up. The issue is to be able to get that message across that there are rules to follow. Chances are, if we give in to our child every time, he will not have a concept of following authorities for most of his life. This is the making of a brat,” as our society would have it. If only a child like that will help reduce belly fat, then his or her parent will forever be size zero. Training should really be done from the very beginning.

When we found out we were pregnant six years ago, we knew that we will raise up a child that we can live with. And as we progressed on parenting, we have learned how it is to raise a child that is not just a happy and secure individual but is also a blessing to those around him. And the good news is that this is all realizable. A strong will can be a good asset as long as the heart is in the right place. This is what we are to focus on as parents.

Focus on Parenting: A child’s heart in the right place

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