Making Homeschooling a Success

When my husband and I embarked upon this homeschooling journey middle of 2009, we committed to what we chose for our family. Homeschooling will require that of you, alongside strong conviction and sacrifices, amongst a host of other things.

We also knew that we were in this for the long haul. Despite being frowned upon by well-meaning relatives who knew little to nothing about homeschooling. So far, so good. We cannot be more glad to be breezing through homeschooling as we are now. We are done with our Preschool level and are now on to Level 1.

As my son’s Teacher Mama, I sure had my doubts about homeschooling before we started. But now with the confidence that I now have with the curriculum that we are using, plus the host of homeschooling supplements and resources that I have found online like that of, I’m almost sure that nothing will hinder my son to excel academically.

Admittedly, I am not very good with numbers. This is when I think will come to my rescue. From the time my son will learn how to divide, to learning about prime numbers or any random math questions. I know I have forgotten majority of the things I have learned about Math, from the basics to the more complex ones. Now I need not be intimidated.

The key to making homeschooling a success is to be armed with the things that you will need. Yes, I am pretty sold out to the curriculum that we use. But it is also good to have resources that could reinforce the program of your choice. 🙂

Making Homeschooling a Success

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