Our belated birthday date

Last month I received a birthday coupon from LJC Bankard that entitles me (and the hubby) to 50% off our tab when we dine it at any LJC restaurant.  We only had until this month to claim so we headed over to Abe before we went to The Spa to claim another gift check I won from Between Bites blog contest last March.  🙂

It was really funny. You see, I was aiming for The Spa’s Silhouette refining body wrap thingy while I was pigging out just moments before. I realized that as soon as we got to The Spa and decided to forget the how to get rid of belly fat procedure that I had in mind. I settled to on the Red Wine Sparkler Scrub and it also comes with a massage. Will blog about that pampering via KikayCorner.net soon. 🙂

The day was long but fun! It was Jeff’s first Monday day off in a long while.  We were just having fun throughout the day. Attended a couple of events, visited a family in Makati, did some errands on the side and spent quality time together. I had a feeling though that he’d wish I’d shut up during our massage. He didn’t say it, this man is too polite to do that. Yes, even to me. So in the middle of the massage, I decided to just let him doze off as he usually would. Oh and by the way, he dozes off almost instantly anywhere, like he did earlier that day at a telecom shop waiting for us to be serviced. I love that about him, though. It’s funny that I can never figure out how he does things that I can’t. We’re different in a whole array of interesting things. He is one hilarious guy and nobody makes me laugh like he does. Yes, even now that we’re close to 9 years of being married and 14 years since we became a couple. 🙂

Our belated birthday date

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