Frugal is cool!

Being frugal is not exactly popular whether it comes to the homestead or just one’s regular daily activities. Consumers’ minds are directed towards the “need” to acquire things as these numerous brands and products create that urgency for us to. And it is plain to see that the advertising world is very effective at it. Now here is another attempt to share how our family is able to afford some random luxuries because of our being frugal about regular things, activities in the house.

Merriam-Webster defines frugal as “characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources.” And it is exactly that. I have to thank my mom for raising me well especially in this arena.  Two sentences that will sum up this topic:

Prioritizing is the key.
Living within our means.

Like using these laundry balls, for instance. They do not just keep clothes from bunching together while inside the washer. They also reduce drying time by 15%. Not only will your clothes be at their best shape, you also get considerable amount of savings when you sum up all your laundry time in a year.

Energy saving, compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than the regular ones. Enough said. We also use surge protector, as it becomes very handy, especially when the power goes out. It keeps our electronics from getting fried.

One of the things that we hope to instill in our son is the importance of good stewardship of whatever God has given us. The littlest of efforts pay off in the long run.  A more concrete proof of this is the electric bill that only shot up to less P3,500 one time during the height of summer. That was it. That is something, considering we have a household with two functioning air conditioning units.

Coupons. Use them when you can. Like if you can at all use HerRoom Coupons whenever you need to buy underclothes, that will give you huge savings. Because truth be told, things wear out and need to be replaced from time to time.

Being frugal does not necessarily mean you have to forget wants altogether. When you come to think of it, being frugal will actually allow you to afford indulging too, from time to time. Those little perks. There are Avelle Coupons or Charlotte Russe Coupons for that, while you are at it. Those handy shopping companions for frugal moms like me. 🙂

The main reason why people fail at being frugal is that advertisements get the best of them. And to say that I am not the least affected is untrue. To want to be one and to actually become “it” are two different things. In the process, you struggle. But struggle to win and eventually you will. It is way better to live without debt and know that you are on your way to becoming a better steward of the wealth that God has entrusted you with.

Frugal is cool!

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