Some health issues in the family

Once in a while I am led to good reads as I do online research, whether personal or job related. I have been looking into some health related reads recently. The reason being, my husband has been having this shoulder trouble that he complains of from time to time. Although he has already got an x-ray done, he is still yet to do a follow up appointment with his doctor. His shoulder is not as bad as before, but he still can’t lie down on his right side without pain. My interest to read about shoulder muscle troubles led me to a person with a name of Richard Fields.

Richard Fields is a New York Developer and Philanthropist gave $7.1 million dollars to the University of Rochester Medical Center for neurological research and care. This gift will allow for the hospital to conduct a research and clinical center of excellence for facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD), a form of muscular dystrophy. As my little homeschooler and I tackled doing this to make a difference, the person of Richard Fields and this act of kindness just drew me to read more about him. My hope is that we will have people like that locally. Although there are medical advances, we still have a long way to go.

This also brought me to what my mom recently told me. Her latest sonogram shows that she is missing one of her thyroids, taken out during a cyst removal operation she had around 20 years ago. This, the doctor told her is causing her rapid weight loss and when she asked why it took so long before this side effect showed, she was told that weight loss who loses a thyroid usually happens as a person ages. Now our dilemma is not knowing how to trace that bad medical practitioner who operated on her. We can only hope that it does not have any other long term effects and pray too that there is a way we can trace who that bad doctor is. Even people with considerable influence in our country find it hard to get justice due theirs. I guess my prayer is that we will get some help of sorts just so we know what we ought to do about this.

Some health issues in the family

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