Getting more value for money – SM Cubao’s 3 Day Sale

I spent the whole day yesterday in SM Cubao as it launched its 3 Day Sale. If you run a household like I do, you know just how this could very well translate to getting the best value for your money to have things taken cared of inside the house that needs replenishment or replacement. With my weekly roster of household necessities, the list can just about go on and on. Here is when I share some bits and pieces of how I manage our household in this arena.

Bought some rugs and kitchen utensils. What we have at home are all due for replacement. I also got some school supplies too for our 5 year old son who is soon to level up to Grade 1.

I checked out some clothes for the little guy. They are out for cheap too. Our son is growing so fast that he’s outgrowing a whole bunch of clothes in his closet.

For someone who has lived with a house helper most of her life, being a domestic goddess did not exactly come naturally for me when I got married. But what do you know, there is a mound of truth to that old adage, “Practice makes perfect.” And indeed it does. In our close to nine years of marriage, I can say that while managing a household might be challenging, that’s true, figuring out how to be effective at it can also be one of the most fulfilling things ever for one’s household queen! Because then, shopping would cease to mean just “retail therapy” but a skill that allows for your family to save a great deal. Because managing a household does not only mean that the pantry needs constant replenishment.  It is taking care of your home’s every nook and cranny. And this is where it gets tricky: working on a budget.

SM Cubao’s Business Center. I just learned that I can request for NSO copies of birth and marriage certificates here. It is super convenient, if you ask me. I do my grocery shopping every week here. So I can transact business in the same place with less effort at the lowest cost too.  Currency Exchange, Remittance and Bills Payment can also be done here. SM is giving the consumer all the reasons why there is really no other mall to go to.  I honestly have yet to see a mall that is more complete. 😉

If you happen to have this same predicament of managing your own household, you very well know that going insane is not an option. Because it can get pretty toxic, when you come to think of it. While letting you in the details of how I do it might probably take a whole e-book to cover, but here is my attempt to share a few things to my dear readers the good reasons why I got stuck in SM Cubao yesterday.

I got a couple of this for P380 each. Regular price was P799.75. That is a huge 52.50% off!

Here is why I know that this is a good buy. When it comes to household stuff, I am very particular about the quality. This curtain is as thick as thick can be and is detailed like I want it.  It also has the same quality with that of my supplier at half the price! I love that the things in my house last for years. And here is something cheap that does not have to hurt my standard for quality. Best of all, it is just the kind of curtain that I want for our master bedroom. Black out as black out can be.

I bought my drapes for the living room some months back and I have queued the replacement curtains that I was planning to buy for the master bedroom at the back of my head. SM’s 3 Day Sale was the perfect avenue for me to get hold of the drapes for our room.

As I waited for the hubby to arrive to come pick me up, I applied for the renewal of my SM Advantage card and headed over the ladies accessories section and rewarded myself to a fab find of a lovely pair of earrings – regular priced at P329.75. I got it for half the price, at P164.86! They are low maintenance too. Just shampoo and water to have them cleaned.

When the hubby arrived in the evening from Makati, we went around some more and looked for the office table that he needs for his church office. The sale was just too timely. We know how furniture and office fixtures can cost a lot and this is the perfect time to look for the best value for money. We got the one on the right most for 20% off.  And here is something you might be surprised of – this great find was found inside the Supermarket. Just goes out to affirm all the more that SM has it all. We actually thought we won’t be able to buy the office table last night until we passed through the Supermarket as we headed over Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria for our dinner date.

One of the things that domesticity has made me is to be meticulous. While the hubby went off to the cashier to pay for the table pronto, I had to ask the sales representative to allow us to see the stuff we are going home with.  They understood and courteous enough to oblige.

I did not want the hubby to be having trouble when he gets to assemble this today at his church office.  Everything is in place. The wood portions are complete and with nary a scratch, the keys and the locks, checked. 🙂

I love that the hubby and I did not have to leave SM Cubao to have our dinner. We had our quality time devouring on pizzas and pastas at Joey Pepperoni. I will be writing a separate blog post on this too via our food blog, My Tummy is Full.

2 8inches pizzas for P199 (Beef with Onion and Pepperoni with Mushroom)

It was a lovely day of good finds and quality time spent with fellow bloggers and the love of my life.  Special thanks to SM Cyberzone for hosting this event!

SM Cubao Cyberzone

SM Cyberzone Cubao is unique for it is the lone Cyberzone that is housed in a department store.  I love that it is right smack the Supermarket. The two places in a mall that my family and I frequent!

SM Cubao’s Branch Manager, Arthur Valenzuela Jr. gave us a healthy treat at the newly launched Impressca. I will be posting on this latest food find soon via 🙂

with blogger friends

And this is what the hubby and I came home to. A giddy little guy who loves his new beach chair “pasalubong.”

The very eager me just could not wait the next day. I got the boys to install the drapes for me as soon as we got the chance. Our five year old kiddo loves helping around the house and being a “team” with his papa. So he just has got to have a part on everything his papa does. He was the one who handled the other end of the rod and curtain and “assisted” his papa as he got the curtain up. They didn’t waste a sec too, because they went on doing their “Thumb Wrestling Federation” (that’s what the little guy call it) as soon as they are done before I even got to properly fix the drapes’ edges. I was out to get those edges fixed when I decided to just grab a hold of my cam instead to capture my boys playing. Priceless! 😀

So there’s the sneak peek of  how I manage my household when it comes to the shopping department. Bottomline is, with the influx of great finds nowadays via these sale events, we might as well take advantage of them and get more value for our money. Don’t forget to catch SM Cubao’s 3 Day Sale from October 1 to 3, 2010! 😀

Getting more value for money – SM Cubao’s 3 Day Sale

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