Marriage and Beyond visits Mines View Park Hotel, Day 2

After the sweet night of bonding the night before at Mines View Park Hotel‘s Function Hall, we all were ready for a full day ahead. But first off, breakfast at Zenz Restaurant. I will be posting more of the feasting we did via our food blog soon.

The staff of Mines View Park Hotel are the most accommodating I have encountered as far as Baguio is concerned. From Sir Buddy, who, by the looks of it (I didn’t ask) might just be the head waiter of the hotel’s restaurant, who made sure that we have what we want, down to the servers, bell boys, receptionist, even the security officer.  This for me is a biggie. If a hotel has the most modern of facilities but has crappy service, then the hotel devaluates itself in my head by my personal standards and it is most likely that I will not be seen in that place than otherwise.

the hubby and I at the hotel patio before we left for Strawberry Farm.

Fellow bloggers getting their dose of Strawberry Taho at Strawberry Farm.  The taho vendors just got us the laugh of our lives when they continually say, “Sa strawberry taho, matutupad ang pangarap niyo.” It was pretty silly until it resembled a chant that we all went home with like a song stuck in our heads.

I was told that strawberries are currently out of season.  I got a couple of small boxes for P180 each. Then I was later told that they got theirs for P150. I tried to haggle but the vendor did not budge. And for one kilo Alex got his for P300. I was offered P400. Ack! These vendors are too picky with their customers.  But I guess strawberry isn’t really in season these days. The last time we were there, there were more than just one stand selling fresh strawberries at the Strawberry Farm.

We also bought 6 kilos of different veggies! 3 kilos for P100! That is too cheap compared to how much we buy them here in the Metro.

The Strawberry Farm

with fellow bloggers waiting for our ride back to the hotel where another round of feasting was waiting for us…

It is but plain to see that diet was not a very popular word during our stay at Mines View Park Hotel. And the star for this meal was no other than the Pork Sinigang with Strawberries.

Who would have thought that it was at all possible? Sinigang with Strawberries. It doesn’t just sound strange, it downright does not sound at all palatable. But I realized that I couldn’t be more wrong as soon as I had my first sip. Nothing in how it tastes makes it wrong. The strawberry complements the sour pork sinigang like it was meant for each other. I love that I bought a bunch of fresh strawberries so I can attempt to cook this recipe myself here at home.

Group shot with fellow bloggers, hotel owners and JMaret Publicity.

We are definitely having this lovely hotel in our list of to stay in places for our next trip to Baguio. For one I have yet to see a nicer Bed and Breakfast place in Baguio. I especially love that they have free WiFi access. That is one essential thing for us bloggers and access is not limited to a certain place in the hotel. They have routers stationed on every floor, so we have a dedicated connection that I can say is pretty reliable. Thanks to JMaret Publicity and the hotel owners for the sweet time we had at Mines View Park Hotel.

Mines View Park Hotel
Contact No. (6374)442-1559; (6374)424-1088
Mobile: +639922.8886392
Manila No: (632)372-3984 local 133

Marriage and Beyond visits Mines View Park Hotel, Day 2

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