Marriage and Beyond visits Mines View Park Hotel, Day 1

The bloggers trip to Baguio courtesy of Mines View Park Hotel where the hubby and I just got back home from was fab! There is just no other local place that can beat Baguio. We love it to bits. This is probably why we find ourselves visiting every year since we fell in love with it. If you are from Manila and know how it’s like to live on an average of 30° Celsius on a regular day, then you will understand why.

We have been to Baguio and back a few times and we are definitely adding Mines View Park Hotel in our list of to stay places. It is conveniently located right along the stretch of Mines View Park.

Mines View Park Hotel’s Reception Area (far back) and Zenz Restaurant

Lunch was served when we got to the hotel in the Function Hall. We were thereafter toured around the hotel and its facilities.

“Mines View Park Hotel has the advantage of being situated in a quiet part of Baguio. Its tranquility, its proximity to nature and the beautiful view of the mountains set it apart from the other hotels int he city, which are built close to the commercial centers. The hotel was designed so guests who really want to get away from it all can enjoy the amenities and the warm service.  Away from the noisy crowd and the noise of the city, Mines View Park Hotel offers a real sanctuary of peace,” says the hotel’s president Mr. Dick Balajadia.

The hotel’s new Board Room can accommodate 15 to 20 people, which makes it perfect for a venue for small group seminars, meetings and social gatherings. It features a flat screen monitor, a projector, whiteboard, complete audio visual system.

A salon welcomes you as you take access towards the Spa.  Mines View Park Hotel has partnered with Asian Spa to provide therapies such as the Traditional Cordillera massage. A tribal technique practiced by Igorot healers for centuries. The hotel’s trained therapists use their own line of spa oils, apothecary salts and creams. This is something I will sure try when we go back to visit.

The hotel’s gym is equipped with the most modern exercise hardware. Working out cannot be more conducive, surrounded by a panoramic view of lush mountains and forest.

Here are a few of the 29 rooms Mines View Park Hotel has

The above rooms are perfect for group vacationers. You know how barkadas and friends who go on a holiday vacation love staying in just one room for maximum bonding? This is the room for them!

All the rooms I saw each had its own private balcony. Talk about maximizing the cool Baguio breeze and the breathtaking view of the Cordillera’s lush scenery.

with fellow bloggers enjoying the view from the hotel’s rooftop

I roomed in with two fun loving ladies, Pinay Solo Backpacker Gail and Entrepremom Iris.  My bed is on the farthest right if you’re facing the television.

After settling for a while in our room, the activity that we had right after was the Yoga session. Yoga has practically turned into a household word, which is, for the most part pertains to the strength exercises (more than the religious beliefs that it originated from) that we do during “yoga.”  I have practically dropped doing my Yoga workouts (albeit via Wii Fit) for more than a year now. This was my first in a long while. I missed it so much that I thought to myself during the Yoga session that I’m definitely going back to doing Yoga when I get back to Manila.

The owners of Mines View Hotel taught us how to make Bibingcrepe and Bibingcrisp, both of which are so in demand in Half Moon Asian Cafe. It was my first time to taste both and I fell for it at first bite! Okay, first two bites, one for each. 😉

We did not merely watch them make it. But they actually allowed us to make one for ourselves! Here is the hubby working his way around the pan. And for someone who doesn’t cook like him, he made it look so easy. Just look at his masterpiece of a bibingcrepe!

Jeff’s Choco Cheese Mallows Bibingcrepe

Native Igorots performed their numbers as we had our barbeque themed dinner

chops, hungarian sausage and veggie kebab and salad

Iris of and Iris of during our S’mores bonding time

the hubby and me at the fireplace

As the night got crazier so did the bloggers. We here are doing our own rendition of Spice Girls’s “Stop.” It was fun hanging out with these fellow bloggers! The night was capped by a song from “Xanadu” the musical. Just from everything that happened on our first day at Mines View Park Hotel, it totally spells out as a perfect getaway venue for family and friends.

Mines View Park Hotel
Contact No. (6374)442-1559; (6374)424-1088
Mobile: +639922.8886392
Manila No: (632)372-3984 local 133

Marriage and Beyond visits Mines View Park Hotel, Day 1

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