Talk Series 3

My husband and I attended the Talk Series 3 last September 11, 2010 held at the Auditorium of the brand new St. Luke’s Global City. They had very interesting topics, which brought me to register. Our topics of interest were: Investing in Children’s Health and Relationship as Investment. But whoever organized that event has yet a lot to learn.

The Talk Series 3 was a well attended event. In fact, it was so well attended that I think they may have overly booked guests. So we ended up standing all across the auditorium for close to thirty minutes, with no ushers in sight to ask where we can get ourselves seated. We did help ourselves though after a while in one of the three or four tables supposedly “reserved” for special guests. What were we to do, right? It was lovely to hear Nona Andaya-Castillo speak about how to increase breast milk production and other breastfeeding tips. She was the same person who helped us when we had difficulty in breastfeeding when Jed was just newborn. Nona Andaya-Castillo is IBCLC is one of the only five International Board Certified Lactation Consultant s (IBCLC) in the Philippines.

My husband and I had to leave the seminar half way through her talk. We did not want to have to be asked to ship out from where we were. I also think that even as they have one sponsor after another speak about their brands, they were actually speaking to the wrong crowd, “majority” of them at least. In my observation, 90% of the attendees will not even half afford to invest on cord banking, let alone give birth in St. Luke’s Medical Center. Well, that is just my opinion. I guess when you have sponsors to satisfy, the number of registrants mean a lot. But I hope they do better next time. Talk Series 3

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