The Sturdy and Efficient Great Wall Peri: a quick review

When I booked our MLA-KL-MLA flight November last year, I did not have a clue how we were to transport ourselves to Pampanga where the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport is. It was a relief to learn that we can actually park and fly within the grounds of the airport for P90/day. A huge difference if one has to park and fly in Pasay, which I think charges more than P300.

We drove from Manila to Pampanga and back again and the gas tank that we got filled was not even half consumed! I just love how Great Wall Peri is so efficient. To be honest, I was thinking a month after we purchased the car if it really was the best choice. But this travel to Pampanga and back affirmed it all the more that it was. I mean, sure, it means a lot that it is one of the few Euro 4 compliant cars available in Manila.  Its fast acceleration is something else and I super love how sturdy and stable it is even at fast speed. Look Ma, no wheel-wiggling! Here is a picture of the hubby driving Lady Rouge at around 140kph. He went over but I was only able to shoot a clear picture when he was a little past 140.

This much I can say, with the Great Wall Peri being with us for close to half a year now, we are thoroughly satisfied with its overall performance. Sure, we will have to look into car insurance reviews next year when its current one needs replacement. But for my other concern of Great Wall parts might not be easily available as opposed to other “more known brands” –  Great Wall will soon have its very own Assembly Plant in the Philippines by October 2010! 🙂

The Sturdy and Efficient Great Wall Peri: a quick review

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