Not just living for the here and now

We have been in the ministry for some years now. And as much as we have put our lives into the ministry, there are still a lot of things to be done to spread the good news about the Lord. People are way too distracted by a lot of things. My heart and calling is towards discipling the ladies in our church. I have seen them grow into beautiful women for Christ through the years who are now influencing the generation after them with the same passion. While my husband has been every so passionate as he reaches out to the schools (students and teachers) of the city and Makati, even beyond, whenever he is given a chance.

It was many years ago when I first heard about the End Times Prophecy and actually subscribed to Endtimes Update which is locally distributed. I used to buy that from one of the Christian bookstores I frequent. The last days prophecies from some of the books of the Old Testament to the ones in Revelation are slowly surfacing one after the other. Sooner or later the Beast of Revelation will make its subtle entrance. Giving us Christians, a sense or urgency to spread the good news to people all the more. We are not living just for the here and now. The vanity of things of the world can easily eat us up. These things we surely should not take for granted and ultimately be ready for. The sweet thing about nurturing our relationship with Christ is that He reveals more of Himself to us as we choose Him in our everyday walk.

Not just living for the here and now

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