On receiving gifts, birthday surprises and submission

The husband shared about Receiving Gifts as one of the Five Love Languages in 2008. I totally agree that “You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.” Receiving Gifts is my secondary love language. The first being, Quality Time. I cannot feel emptier than having my husband not spend quality time with me. Indicators will just about envelope the house that it will be so hard not to notice. 😛

As for gifts, I totally appreciate them when they are well thought of.  The level of appreciation I have for gifts that I receive depends on the level of sincerity that comes with it.  I’m picky like that. So you can very well understand why I can get really giddy over letters and not feel as much for an expensive bottle of perfume. **Hint! Hint!** 😉

For husbands whose wives have Receiving Gifts as their primary love language,  there are always ways to not forget. Take the flower delivery service, for instance. It can be convenient and no less romantic.  As for me,  the plan is to surprise the hubby with something that he really likes for his birthday, which is very fast approaching. I haven’t always been the most generous with surprises in all the years we’ve been together. I’m boring like that.  But maybe I could just surprise him with something as we are scheduled to fly to KL on his special day.

But more than any tangible surprise I will hand him that day, my heart’s prayer is that I will continue to be a better wife and help meet.  In our close to 9 years of marriage, I still have my struggling episodes on submission and I’m praying to scratch that altogether towards our Tenth. I guess I just shouted that out to the world! How’s that for having the world to be accountable to? 😉

On receiving gifts, birthday surprises and submission

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