On being good stewards of our health

My husband has always been a sports buff who has been actively playing all sorts of activities, from soccer to basketball and even martial arts. He has a regular exercise regimen, which I have always admired in him. I continually reinforce this with healthier food choices. He can get very picky with food sometimes. But with a little nudging and giving him materials I have studied about the health benefits of incorporating a particular food in our diet, he is almost always agreeable.

But this very agreeable man of mine just recently rebuked me of my health choices – about my now non-existent exercise regimen otherwise known as sedentary lifestyle, that is. This actually made me stop and think as I later agreed with him. Now that he is looking for a Dojo place where he can resume his Aikido program in, I can’t believe I actually asked him if he thinks I can join him. And he got pretty thrilled as he answers as a matter of fact, that there are women who are Aikido black-belters. Yikes! I honestly cannot see myself going on a rolling spree and getting my joints wrestled. I wasn’t too serious when I asked him that and he was taking me on a mini-orientation drill already. Just what did I get myself into!

With my chronic arthritis that attack from time to time since I was a teener, I know he’ll cut me some slack and allow me to just grab a hold of running shorts instead and join him once a week whenever he goes to run in Marikina Sports Park. 😉 I have no other choice for now as my Wii Fit CD won’t play on me anymore. I am praying that I’ll finally get down to this and be a better steward of my health.

On being good stewards of our health
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