Taking charge by choosing healthful foods

As a mom, I have always considered myself vigilant especially when it comes to my family’s health. My husband even jokingly labeled me once or twice to be a witch doctor of sorts – for I always come up with a seemingly, self-concocted, non-traditional solution to random health issues.   They take my prescription nonetheless, basically because they always work. In my defense, everything I serve my family, I always make sure I looked into beforehand. From the sweet potato juice that I make to boost the immune system, the lemongrass juice that takes care of colds and respiratory issues, the probiotic kefir shake, the propolis ointment for burns, cuts and skin issues and just recently wheatgrass juice, et. al. And in all fairness, they do wonders to the things I needed taken cared of.

For some reason, I also find myself picking up Halal certified food items from the supermarket whenever I do grocery shopping. It gives me a sense of confidence that I’m not giving my family second rate food stuff specifically because from what I’ve learned, Halal certified products have passed strict dietary guidelines. I just find it neat that consumers like us can now get hold of a list of products that are Halal certified via the internet. We can even get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook. Now it is easier to identify products during my replenishing-the-pantry errand days.

We have been considerably healthier since we have started doing these health choices. 🙂

Taking charge by choosing healthful foods

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