2 Reasons To Visit Spain

One of Europe most diverse and picturesque nations, Spain are a wonderful country to explore. One of the reasons that it is such a varied country is that, over the centuries, Spain has been influenced by several peoples due to its location. Even today, Spain is still working on a national identity, but this is more of an asset than a drawback; homogenizing a culture only limits its offerings. While staying at one of the holiday villas in Spain, you’ll have access to the local cuisine and culture, which can be more exciting and interesting than just going by a guidebook’s recommendations. However, there are some spots that, as a traveler, you’ll want to make sure to visit during your Spanish vacation.

Churches and Cathedrals

Spanish is still largely a Roman Catholic country, and the religion is reflected in its beautiful, historic cathedrals. The Gothic Segovia Cathedral in Segovia and the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia are particularly breathtaking. In Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi’s art and influence abound. His still unfinished Sagrada Família church is vintage Gaudi, with striking stonework and a multitude of towers. When entering these buildings, it’s impossible not to be emotionally moved, and you’ll think of both the unwavering faith and endless physical toil that created these buildings.

Spanish Cuisine

If you enjoy seafood, Spanish cuisine has many traditional dishes that will delight. Paella is a delicious rice-based dish, seasoned with saffron and olive oil, and bursting with seafood, sausage and garlic. If you’re visiting Spain in the summer, you’ll want to sample some gazpacho, a refreshing tomato and vegetable based soup, served chilled. In addition, Spain has a bountiful variety of interesting wines, including Cava – the Spanish version of champagne. Try to get off of the beaten path and sample the local delicacies at smaller, local restaurants, where the ingredients will be fresh and local.

2 Reasons To Visit Spain

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