The crazy week Cyclone Basyang brought us

This weather disturbance might not have been as wrathful as Ondoy but it sure did some crazy tantrums as Cyclone Basyang killed 53 people to date. As much as our family is looking forward for the dry spell (El Niño) to end, we still cannot help but be weary over the coming typhoons that are set before us, as predicted by PAG-ASA, our country’s official weather forecasting arm.  We have been praying that there will be no more repeat of what transpired during typhoon Ondoy. Even our little guy went asking during the times that it rained hard after Ondoy if we’re going to get flooded again.

When Cyclone Basyang (International name: Conson) hit the land last Tuesday evening, we were practically caught off guard. Although news did say that there will be an upcoming typhoon of sorts, it was not supposed to have a landfall anywhere close to the Metro.  The wind went a-howling like crazy last Tuesday night and the roofs all over our neighborhood were having a frightening ensemble that threatens to do a wild flying episode for its climax.  

The power going off an hour or so later just about told us that Cyclone Basyang has taken its toll.  The wind was consistent as it howled violently. It almost sounded like a monster movie was being filmed somewhere close. But we cannot keep the windows open because it was also raining hard. There was one thing we were thankful though. This weather disturbance was more of a windy episode (a crazy one at that) more than a rainy one. The Ondoy flooding was really traumatic for all of us.

A couple of hours of sleep, at the most, was what the hubby and I had. I was a zombie all day and there was no news that electricity will be back up anytime soon.  Electronics all went low battery after a while. There goes my work piling up by the hour. There was no vacancy at the nearest budget hotel too. People are flocking the hotels for refuge because of the power outage. We then decided to go to Cubao instead and check in that night.

Despite the rage of the weather, our little guy made sure we still had fun as we resolved to treat the displacement an adventure and to still count our blessings.  I will be posting more on what happened the next days as we went about our routine and as we resumed our homeschool class in the garage. Thankfully, power became stable on the third day. 🙂

The crazy week Cyclone Basyang brought us
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