And the Share Your Time Management Tips Winners are…

These are the winning comments from the Share Your Management Tips and Win a Watch from Kids Watch Central: (in no particular order).


One of the most important thing I learned from my parents is the Value of Time. I proud to say I’m always been a recipient of “Most Prompt/Punctual Student/ Employee”… lols. this is also one of my kids’ achivements as well…
And now I’m a SAHM to my 5 and 7y/o kids, my hubby is an OFW. I don’t have yaya/ maid or driver.. Everything should be organized. I always tell my kids that if you don’t know the importance of time, you won’t accomplish anything.

At an early age, I teach them to appreciate and enjoy time as well.

At home, we are so busy, yet enjoying doing our own assigned responsbilities/tasks… Weekdays, from school, as soon as they get home, they have a 15 minute rest. Then, a hour and 30 mins. to do and finish all their assignments. Then snacks for 30 mins., and an hour of playtime/ watching tv etc… Then finally do their assigned chore/s.

Every Friday, we always have a family meeting, to set a schedule for the coming week… We plan, organize and place it in our family calendar. Every activity/ event that we need to attend to, my kids knows how to prepare beforehand. Being Late is not an excuse… Being On time will give you an edge…

Every second is so precious for us. I can say that we truly accomplish a lot with the daily time schedule we follow.

Sheila Anne:

Being a 24/7 mom is a tough job. I’m a single mom to a 7y/o lovely daughter. I work as a Call Center Agent, My schedule is always in graveyard shift, 9pm-6am. I usually get home by 7am.

As soon as I arrive home my daughter is waiting for me at the living room, we chat while we prepare breakfast. Then, her chore is to wash dishes, then I would take a nap for about 2 hours. By 1030am, will start preparing for her school baon, then check her school stuff etc.. As her schedule is from 12nn-5pm. As soon as her school bus fetch her, I would cook food for our dinner and lunch the next day… Then will have some shut eye for few hours.

6pm, she would arrive from school, take some rest for about 30mins. then start doing her school projects/ assignments etc… And would assist her if needed.

By 730pm, we will eat dinner together. This is also the time my sister will be coming over for the night (always ), to sleep with my daughter. Then by 8:15, I would prepare for my work…

Weekends, it’s my rest days ..We already have plans on what things we’ll do for our Bonding Time!! We would go shopping/ grocery, watch a movie, eat out. Or just simply stay home, do some house cleaning, have some food delivery, sleep, sleep, sleep

That is our usual routine everyday… We totally enjoy each other’s time, as we help and designate each other’s tasks. We would organize and plan everything out. We talk it out, so that there will be Time Wastage

All I can say that we accomplish somehow the things we planned. It really takes discipline. Strong mind and body to achieve Time Management… Our motto ‘ BAWAL MAGKASAKIT, KAPAG NAGKASAKIT, LAHAT DAMAY, PATI ANG ORAS…”

and Nica M.

It’s very important to teach children time management. Not only does it teach them discipline, but it also keeps them healthy. This year, my daughter is attending public school as a grade 2 student. and she has classes from 7am to 4:30pm. The first week was a disaster as it was a big adjustment for both of us. She was late the third day of school and she was sleepy most of the time (her classes used to be in the afternoon) that her teacher even scolded her for sleeping in class. To improve matters we, both decided to make some adjustments in her schedule which is as follows;

5:30 — Wake up and prep for school.
6:30 — 5:00 — School time (including travel) time.
5:00 – 7:00 — Rest/play time. I used to ask her to do her assignments before playing but now she does her assignments during break time at school and while waiting for the school service so she can play with her neighborhood friends after school. I think it is very important that she have play time so she can recharge and use all that pent up energy.

7:00 – 9:00 — dinner /and down time. Sometimes she watches TV for dinner, other times she reads books. All in all she knows that she has to shower before bed time;

9:00 – 5:30 — Sleeping time. It used to be the case that she’ll stay up late til 11PM. Now that she’s tired from school and play, she sleeps better (more restful) and longer. Better sleep, healthier children

Of course, there are variations to this routine from time to time but she basically sticks to it.

Congratulations to Snow, Sheila Anne and Nica M.!

for each winning a watch for your little ones! Please expect an email from GMCI. A representative will contact you directly to inquire about the genders of your kids and how you can claim your prizes. Thank you GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. and Kids Watch Central! It was such a fun way to share with fellow parents how we can teach our children to be better stewards of time. 😀

And the Share Your Time Management Tips Winners are…

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