A taste of Portugal at O’sonho

We were invited last Monday, June 21, 2010 to have a taste of Portugal at O’sonho (pronounced as “O’sonyo”). One of the things my husband and I love is going out on a date, exploring dishes from interesting  establishments. Inasmuch as nothing compares to the quality of food a restaurant has to offer, the first impression that it makes as you march in is a big factor for me. For one, I love restaurants with couches where you can comfortably sink in – O’sonho has that- in deep, inviting tangerine colored ones at that.

The wall paper in the area where our group was set to feast in took my memory back to my school days when I learned about the explorations of Columbus who was a Portuguese. I swear, it pays to be an early bird during events. Because you not only get to shift from the stress of travel time to being comfy enough to get the feel of the place you are in and observe while you are at it.

The owner of O’sonho, Nik Barancik was there to meet with us too. He’s very cordial even as he told us some bits and pieces about the dishes that the staff served us. His mother is a Filipina and his father, a Portuguese. Most of the dishes we were served with, we more or less familiar with.  As a country colonized by the Spaniards, who are also conquerors in their own rights, had probably discovered more or less similar spices in their explorations as the Portuguese. We were also told that the Portuguese cuisine is spicier than Spanish.  The rich blend of the spices is basic to each and every dish they served. I am not surprised when the organizers told us foodies that O’sonho is one of the establishments the soon-to-be (Yey! – I just gotta have that blurted out) former President GMA goes to whenever she visits Eastwood.

My drink of choice was the Cranberry Cooler, P120

I was having my bout with UTI that day and cranberry juice always does wonders for me whenever it recurs.  Here are some of the gastronomic feasting we had at O’soho:

Chouriço Sisig, P210

Picado, P300

Salpicao’s Portuguese brother. Tenderloin beef cubes bathed in garlic, red wine, herbs and spices.

Cerveza Battered Fish and Chips, P260

Battered fish fillet in a bed of seasoned fries. Served with their signature perinaise.

Whole Roast Peri-Peri Chicken, P720

This platter is good for 3 to 4 people.  Probably one of the most flavorful chicken I have ever tasted.


Coffee Marinated Roast Pork – Php420.00

This is definitely something I have never tasted before but I actually found very interesting.  It’s not one of those dishes that will require a long deal of getting used to to acquire the taste. I appreciated it as soon as it touched my palate. And that’s something coming from a non-coffee drinker.  A must try!

Tres Leches, P220

Chocolate Ganache, P220

This scrumptious chocolate ganache cake which is as fudgy as fudgy can be (just the way I want it) is my runaway favorite from all the three dessert goodness they served us with.

Pictures with fellow foodies….

And because Brasil won the day before, never mind if Kaka was served with a red card, the hubby and I just gotta wear matching jerseys. We were secretly hoping we’d get to watch the match between Portugal vs. North Korea that night, given that it was a Portuguese restaurant.  We found out that Portugal scored 7-0 when we got home! 🙂

with O’sonho owner, Nik Barancik

O’sonho Portuguese Fusion Restaurant
G/F Eastwood Mall, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Te. (02) 470-1768

A taste of Portugal at O’sonho

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