On moving boxes, moving homes and gratitude

Three things that I have been pondering on these past few days – moving boxes, moving homes and gratitude. It has been three years since we last moved houses. And years before that we moved places at least once a year ever since we got married. It can be pretty taxing, to say the least. But you can very well say that with all the five shiftings we did from 2001 to 2007, we have become experts that we can actually make a living out of it.

As years went by from 2001 and moving was inevitable, there were at least a couple of  things that we have learned.

1. Not all cheap movers are unreliable. We were blessed to have contacted movers who had a very reliable staff who did not complain despite the one rainy night they had to carry our bulky couches and furnishings from the van, through the narrow alley, up an even narrower concrete stairs, and finally to the third floor apartment we last transferred to before we had our own house built. They charge cheap and we actually thought they’d have “cheap service” too. They did not.

2. The trickiest part is always the packing up. We made use of everything that we can possibly make use of from used sacks to moving boxes. All fragile items go to the sturdier Moving Boxes and made use of sacks for items that can be thrown around, like stuffed animals, linens, etc. Sacks do not take up much weight and can be carried by one person. Because we had a library, we made use of a handful of huge moving boxes to make sure the books are protected.

I was recently reminded with these things even as I was getting a little cranky already with the things that needs to get repaired around the house. Three years in and expect a handful and one things that you can no longer turn over to your landlord. Precisely because you have no landlord anymore, which should be good really. Kept my gratitude right in place. 🙂

On moving boxes, moving homes and gratitude

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