Book Review: Intimacy Ignited, Conversations Couple to Couple

When NAVPRESS sent me the book Intimacy Ignited, Conversations Couple to Couple to review, I never really anticipated it to land on my list of favorite books. But it did, for reasons I will mention as I go along this post. The book has a heading right on its cover saying, “Fire up your sex life with the Song of Solomon,” so you could say I had high expectations and it sure did not fall short.

Intimacy Ignited used God’s Word to drive it and not just as a supplement to the authors’ thoughts and insights. As said in Psalm 18:30 that the Word of God is flawless, which we stand by through and through. And the Bible sure did not leave the marriage life for couples boring. In fact, it is ought to be the exact opposite, as reinforced right from the pages of Bible, no less. Simply put – God is for great sex life in marriage!

When the Lord ordained Solomon to write the Song of Solomon as a timeless little instruction book on sex, it must have been such a task. But having been equipped by God himself with exceptional wisdom, Solomon was able to pull it through. Sexual references are explained through illusive imagery and symbolism as Solomon used Hebrew poetry, which is didactic and rhythmic. For example, Mandrakes and pomegranates, which spill forth their seed when opened, symbolize fertility and virility;  “honey” and “wine” convey intense, erotic desire. Because all the sexual references are cloaked in symbolism, a child can pick up the bible, read the verses and will find no offense. But a husband and wife could understand the terminology and find specific sexual instruction.

This book reinforces the wonderful blessing of sex that God has provided for us in the security of marriage and how sex in marriage need not be humdrum. In fact, it should remain exciting as it has always been designed to be regardless of the number of years you have been married.

As I found myself (and the hubby- when he gets the chance to read with me) going through the Song of Solomon and Intimacy Ignited, we were really stunned at how specific God’s Word can be about sex. The authors themselves said it, “…we are grateful that our Creator cared so much about sexual oneness in marriage that He included an instruction manual to help is. God wants married couples to have a love so hot, so passionate, so intense that nothing will be able to extinguish it, and He knows the key for such love is becoming servant lovers to each other. “ To become servant lovers is something the book is reminding us over and over through the book. Even giving specific traits what servant lovers do and what we can do towards that goal of becoming one.

More than the book’s title, “Intimacy Ignited” suggests, I believe that its impact is more than just to ignite intimacy in your marriage. But it also specifically tells of what God has intended sex to be through the book of Song of Solomon. I highly recommend this book to all married couples, regardless of the number of years you have been together. This might just be the one thing that you’ve been missing out on in your marriage.

Intimacy Ignited was wonderfully written as it ushers the readers through the book of Song of Solomon and applies it to the married couple’s intimacy in all three counts – physical, emotional and spiritual. Thank you, Dr. Joseph & Linda Dillow and Dr. Peter & Lorraine Pintus for slicing up the Song of Solomon for us and coming up with such well written book with topic of such importance but usually brushed aside. I personally have not appreciated Song of Solomon as much as I do now and I never thought that the Bible has so much rich insights on sex. The perspective and wisdom of the authors were definitely used by God to minister to married couples through this fine book, Intimacy Ignited, Conversations Couple to Couple.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from NavPress Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Book Review: Intimacy Ignited, Conversations Couple to Couple

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