A home project while the hubby is away

I have been lacking sleep since the hubby left for Africa last week. It has been 7 days today and the most I slept per night since was 4 hours. I am sorely missing him. There was this two days that we barely communicated. Because he was on borrowed time as he had to line up to use the hotel’s common personal computer at the end of the day. That will be in the wee hours of the morning, Manila time. For some reason that function button to turn the wifi on of his Asus netbook failed to work.

I knew it was God telling me to divert my emotions to focusing on praying for him and the team instead. That I did. And I couldn’t be more giddy when he finally got back online yesterday! I also have a lot of work piled up, so I barely have time for sentiments, if you’d come to think of it. Transcribing audio broadcasts for my boss, researching on stuff like Asbestos cancer and working on a book review and a lot of other things in between.

But on top of all that, just today I had an inspiration to work on a home project that I would love to get done just in time for the hubby’s homecoming next week. I’m not just about to tell what that is. Although I know the hubs is to busy to read my posts, I’m not taking any chances. I hope it pushes through. 😉

A home project while the hubby is away

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