No more hot and sticky days

The summer heat of these past months has been totally unforgiving. It actually has caused us heat exhaustion more than a couple of times. Aside from the fact that I do my job from home, we are also a home schooling family. The steady rise of temperature from 32°C up to beyond 42°C called for us to do something about our air conditioning for home. The humidity actually makes it a lot worse.

Obviously, the air conditioner that we have in our bedroom did not suffice. My son’s school office and my own office nook are right at the corner of our living room and there was no way our school routine will be bearable in this kind of heat. We were getting toasted even with two electric fans on maximum speed. So last month, we finally decided to purchase a split type air conditioner for our living area. It took us a while before we finally picked out the unit.

Even as my husband and I are well aware that a major appliance as this will take its toll on our electricity bill, it was imperative that we choose the brand with the highest rating for energy efficiency. And that we did! It would really be nice if we have something like that of the Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency like other countries have. Truth to tell, energy efficient appliances are not exactly the cheapest. But you will still end up getting more value for your money through the duration of their usage.  The installation of the air conditioner in our living area was just in time for the launch of our school year. And now we don’t have to endure through hot, sticky days on end and feeling ever exhausted. 🙂

No more hot and sticky days

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