Father’s Day is on June 20, 2010

Father’s Day will be on June 20, 2010. That will be less than three weeks away.  While we cannot deny the reality of the epidemic of missing fathers, we should nonetheless celebrate fathers who have stood up as the head of the family that they are purposed to be. If truth will be told, a whole bunch of fathers are but taken for granted.  Just because they are expected to provide and protect their respective families, they should be left unappreciated.  Methinks fathers should be appreciated and affirmed more by their loved ones.

As much as I often hoped in my childhood that I did not have to witness all the dysfunctions in my family, my recollection of my father’s thoughtfulness will always be prominent in my mind.  He was always the more nurturing one between my mother and him. Definitely more thoughtful and generous with everything. In hindsight, I think the balance that mama was to papa was essential for the person that I have become. I remember so much more acts of thoughtfulness from him despite the fact that my parents were both working. One of which is when he’d always bring me a glass of milk before bedtime. All the thoughtfulness that he demonstrated from my childhood until I became a teenager and even up to now that I am married, make whatever shortcomings he ever had forgivable. Now that Father’s Day is fast approaching, the least that I could do is get him something special.  Which brings me to the thought that I have a couple of fathers to shop a gift for this coming Father’s Day.

As I must have mentioned more than a dozen of times in this page, I have such an exceptional husband for my son’s father. Not perfect. But exceptional, nonetheless. They have always said that the best way to love your child is to show him how much you love his mother.  And Jeff has not failed in this so far.  I am hoping that I will be able to get these two special fathers in my life something special to celebrate their fatherhood and let them know that they are appreciated and loved. What the hubby has mentioned lately is that he is in need of new pairs of men pants. His old ones won’t fit him anymore and I think I’d throw in a few ties as well, maybe an Xbox game that he likes. I would have to think of something for papa yet. I really hope to give him something that he will really like. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day in advance to two of the most loved fathers in my life! 😀

Father’s Day is on June 20, 2010

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