Philippine Independece Day Marathon (Half Marathon) : Ang Takbo Para Sa Ating Kasaysayan” – June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010 PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY MARATHON (HALF Marathon) : Ang Takbo Para Sa Ating Kasaysayan”

Ceremonies begin at 5am, along 8th Avenue and 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

RUN 1-2-3
Set them free
From poverty
For love of country…

The CIE Global Colleges, the lead institution among several NGOs, is spearheading the June 12, 2010, PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY MARATHON (PIDM), would like to invite EVERYONE, YOUNG and OLD to our event, which is NOT JUST AN ORDINARY MARATHON BUT A GATHERING OF PATRIOTS ! ! ! It is History in the making! ! ! !

The PIDM is a non-profit endeavor whose vision is to institutionalize a very meaningful yearly celebration of our INDEPENDENCE.

We have been very frustrated when we realized that the ordinary Filipino does not really know and therefore, does not appreciate the relevance of this very significant day.

We want our countrymen to love this country, yet we do not purposefully and mindfully exert our efforts in creating new traditions for the 21st century generation to imbibe.Celebrations that will reinforce this great moment in our history, not just to know, but to deepen our love for country, discover our true identity and our true destiny.

Five(5) years from today or sooner…. we envision twelve(12) key cities simultaneously celebrating JUNE 12.

Beginning this year, and every year thereafter, the celebrations will be more relevant and grander, as we find more like-minded advocacy partners.

Then six(6) years from today and onwards, the entire country will do the same, not because it will be so ordered by Malacanang or by Congress, but that the people want it…., and are already doing so by themselves because they truly understand its significance to their lives—our lives.

The PIDM pledge “INIIBIG KO ANG PILIPINAS, gagawin ko ang lahat upang siya’y maiangat sa pagkakasadlak” was an original pledge of Pearl Principle Fellows from the National Conference in 2005 at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

Since then, two(2) books have been published to explore the possibility of developing a National Philosophy rooted in our history as a people.
“The Pearl Principle: Ang Diwa ng Perlas ng Silanganan, Alay sa Sambayanang Filipino” and the “Legend of the Pearl of the Orient: The Philippines.”

The marathon is the most popular sports activity among the lower/middle class, generally the youth, the young professionals, the entrepreneurs, ordinary “masa’, and even the elite.

We are using the marathon as an initial vehicle to unite one and all for the same advocacy…. the DEEPENING OF LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY-THE PHILIPPINES.

Our plan is to create” Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas Runners Clubs” all over the country and introduce discussions on our dreams for our Motherland and our dream roles, to make those dreams come true and teach the people to L.I.V.E. which means Lead, Inspire, toward a Vision and Engage others to do what ought to be done for the greater good and the glory of God. Our “yell” …

Run 1,2,3
Set them free
From poverty
For love of country ! ! !



Every June 12 from hereon, during the PIDM, we will do something EXTRAORDINARY BY ORDINARY FILIPINOS LIKE you and me… like us!

This year we will award 12 furnished “A- CIEAN” Homes to the homeless urban poor right on the same day, immediately after the run during the awarding of medals to the marathon champions.

A-CIEAN means A gape, Communion with God, Integrity in thoughts,words and deeds, Empathy with commitment, Accountability for one’s actions, Nobility of aspirations—-we call these the Goals of our all our Lives.

During the PIDM, we will do the awarding of housing materials and appliances/housewares for ten(10) CIEAN Homes from the CIE Global Colleges and CIE World Alumni Association, Inc., together with our other NGO partners, the Association of Former Flight Attendants of the Philippines (AFFAP) FOUNDATION, Inc. and the Sta. Ana Homeowners Association, Inc. which worked out the subdivision of their supposedly OPEN SPACE for recreation, but had been occupied by over 150 urban poor families for over twenty five(25) years now (beside Sun Valley in Paranaque), and with the help of Atty. Paul Garingo and HLURB.

We want people to see that the PIDM is different! We will show that this event is truly a sincere effort to make a difference and to make this world a better place.

We would like to truly reach out to you to join the ordinary Filipinos in the celebration of this special occasion to prove that we are ONE PEOPLE, ONE COUNTRY, with ONE VISION:

PHILIPPINES: A Soaring and Tenacious Republic Instituted by Nation Loving Generations of Passionate, Ethical, Action-driven, Results-oriented, Leaders of Society. Truly, A S.T.R.I.N.G.of P.E.A.R.L.S.

Philippine Independece Day Marathon (Half Marathon) : Ang Takbo Para Sa Ating Kasaysayan” – June 12, 2010

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