Busy weekend

The family and I will be attending an event in Market! Market! early today for the launch of the online fundraising campaign of The Mind Museum. I have looked in it and it is said to be the Philippines’ first world-class science museum. I am just thrilled that I  can tag the little guy along with us. Just like we did during our Zoobic Safari Adventure last week. This homeschooling family sure is enjoying the perks of blogging. It’s just like we’re having a field trip when we do this. We can always make use of the experiences and incorporate them in our lessons. 🙂

Later tonight I will be off by my lonesome to attend the launch of a much talked about (on the international level, at that) beauty product event. I will be covering this for my beauty blog – KikayCorner.net. That’s one beauty product launch after another.

Busy weekend

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