Thoughts on mobile networks

The hubby and I had to cut our respective post paid lines with one mobile network. It was the first network I ever subscribed with, dating back from 1997. I was with them 10 years and they only proved to deteriorate in their service, despite the various new offers they give out to clients, new and old. We finally said our goodbyes when we knew we have had it with all the charges from nowhere in our bills. That is, after six long months of following up on the reversal of the charges. I don’t know how other clients put up with them. But I definitely know a bunch of people who have switched to the competing network with the same sentiments as ours.

One of the things that lured us to this network was the free cell phones that we can avail of with the plans of our choice. And every so often we can actually upgrade units when our contract with them got expired. That is what most mobile networks offer their clients and it works. But we just had to decide against it when we have had it. We can always choose another network with similar offers anyway. We chose to switch to prepaid subscription instead which has worked for us for some years now. I also love that I can do reloading business while we are at it.

Thoughts on mobile networks

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