Reconsidering to hire a helper

My husband and I first reconsidered getting a helper to assist us around the house last year when we first jumped into the homeschooling grind. But as I later went on adapting to our home schooling schedule, we held that thought in and pushed it back down until now, a year later.

Truth be told, I could really make use of a help, being the lone person who takes care of the house, home school my son, while I work from home (as a virtual assistant and blog for a living). There are days that I get pretty overwhelmed and the busyness gets the best of me, which shouldn’t be.

In a couple of months, the husband and I will finally come into a decision about getting a helper. I cannot help but be concerned about the incidence of nannies and house help taking advantage of their employers. To the extent of hurting the children. I’ve seen too much from the evening news.

My personal experience when my son was barely a year old and I saw the nanny that I employed hit him with a balloon stick when he was asking her to play hide and seek with him. This nanny thought all the while that I wasn’t looking. I certainly do not like anything of that sort happening again. I will surely install a hidden camera in the house, in the event that we agree to employ one. It will be our best assurance in this society that have gone for the worse.

Reconsidering to hire a helper

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