Looking forward to quality time with the hubby

The hubby has been telling me he’d make it up to me before he leaves for Africa. How he’s going to do that, I have got no slightest idea. I keep reminding him that he’s said this before when he got too busy with the youth camp preparations. My love language being Quality Time, cannot take so much of busyness very gracefully.

No. There’s no ranting here. I understand all these things the hubby has got to do. But I am so looking forward to that time that I’d have him all for myself. His busy schedule makes me crazy sometimes that even if I wake up so early, I still sleep late. Because of stress probably. I think I might need one of those sleep aids sometime, if this problem persists.

Meanwhile, I have got to take note to claim his promise or else we’ll just find ourselves miles apart without spending quality time together.

Looking forward to quality time with the hubby

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