Feeling better

I think my system has finally kicked off the cold bug I have had for months. It did not help that I don’t get to prepare our kefir shake on a daily basis. I know I ought to do it on a daily basis especially so that those babies (grains) grow like crazy in this kind of unforgiving weather that we have.

When my immune system kind of dwindled, it was not just the colds that got me attacking. There’s also this persistent zit on my face that is possibly brought about by the lack of sleep. I know it is all my fault and I am sure to get back to a healthier sleeping habit. First, I have got to get this zit taken cared of with some good acne treatment. I’ll probably stash away my current brands for now and go back to using organic thanakha to make sure I don’t get scars. 🙂

Feeling better

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