Girl bonding with mama and sis

After the horrendous traffic the hubby and I had to put up with going to the Microsoft event last Thursday, I knew I had little choice but to beg off on the events that I was set to go to during the weekends. A lot of major streets are closed to traffic, we had to be re-routed to another street, just to end up getting a stage blockage with an ongoing miting de avance. There is no denying the election hullabaloo.

Despite that traffic trauma, the two lovely ladies that are closest to my heart — my mama and sister convinced me to go malling yesterday. So I drove us three to the nearest mall and off we did some shopping. We bought some beauty stuff and the sis bought new shoes. We also ordered cake for the little guy, my Jed love, who is turning 5 in 2 days! I bought our birthday gift for him as well.

This is something we should do more often! What’s not to love with girl bonding! If I remember it right, the last time I went on a date with my sister was when we were doing abs workout at Fitness First a few years back. The busyness of life can easily rob these lovely times away. But not anymore. We will be doing this on a regular basis from now on. Especially now that Lady Rouge is at my service. Will do a blog post on the Lady soon. 🙂

Girl bonding with mama and sis

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