Under the weather

The heat has been extra unforgiving these days! The El Niño phenomenon is making an extended stay.  It has taken its toll on my health lately. I wasn’t able to work the whole day yesterday because I was too weak from heat exhaustion.  I was also having stomach trouble that drained me off my electrolytes supply.

But am I glad to wake up today feeling a whole lot better. Nevermind if the weather is still the same. It’s just so hard to get sick nowadays.  I feel I lost so much weight from all the purging I’ve done yesterday, when I surprisingly fit into my old jeans. Talk about diets that work! But this isn’t exactly my idea of getting off my extra pounds. Now I have to load on those fruits and get right back to making kefir shake. And let the probiotics do their trick. 🙂

Under the weather

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