Realities of life

One of my father’s brother passed on last week. Although he has been sick for sometime, it still does not make it easier for the loved ones. If there is anything about death, it is something that we can never be ready enough for. But it also the one thing that is sure to come to us sooner or later. Our prayer is always that it will be the latter. Always. Praying that when it comes, our loved ones, even ourselves had lived a full life. But even then, we still won’t be ready enough.

This thought must have been stuck to my subconscious that it made me dream about one of my love ones passing on. Although I was at peace in my heart because I knew she received Jesus Christ in her heart as her personal Lord and Savior. This is her eternal security that assures her a place in heaven. I was still sad because I haven’t told her enough how much I love her. You see, my family of origin is not very demonstrative. We weren’t exactly encouraged to be demonstrative about our feelings. Somehow the passionate person in me was forced to clam up for fear of rejection. That dream reminded me to be more demonstrative to them regardless of their response. Life is just too short.

I am blessed to have my parents as neighbors. It would concern me somehow if I lived miles away. They are not getting any younger. Medical Alert is not really very efficient in our locality. But I am very grateful that they are still very healthy. As I have my office right at home, I’d be mostly available for them for any Medical Alert concerns. My prayer is that they will live a very, very long time. I love them to bits and I thank God for them every single day of my life.

Realities of life

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