Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Contest Alert -Win Elianto Beauty Products

Last Wednesday, April 28, 2010, I attended an intimate event with the beautiful ladies of Elianto Philippines, together with 5 other beauty and lifestyle bloggers at Kimono Ken at SM North Edsa. It was fun chatting (I mostly listened) and hanging out with these sweet ladies. 🙂

As a mom, I know so well how easy it is to take ourselves for granted given all the overwhelming tasks we have to take care of. While motherhood, no doubt, brings about such wonderful, priceless moments, it can get pretty crazy sometimes. It’s not all bright and shiny everyday, to say the least. This is especially true if you choose to be a hands-on mom. The dynamics of motherhood is immense and the natural default could easily be such that you have everything taken cared of except yourself.

While the essential is still a person’s soul, I believe a mother does not cease to be a woman even if motherhood has come. Your priorities might have changed and for a while after giving birth, it will only be natural to undergo a period of adjustment. But the important thing is to strike a balance as you device ways to prioritize all the ongoings of your life.

I personally have come to love Elianto products, specifically their nail line.  I have been using it for years now. Truth be told, I have practically stashed away all my other pricier brands, in favor of Elianto. I was pleased as I found out from attending the event that Elianto has more to offer than just their nail line. Their make up products are actually made from the finest of natural ingredients, which I have been always partial toward. In time for Mother’s day, Elianto currently has Mother’s Day Gift Sets.

Perfect for working moms – this special eye care set combines 2 of elianto’s bestselling eye care items. The brightening eye zone patch effectively lightens dark circles. It also contains collagen to firm and tone the undereye area. The cooling eye gel mask works wonders for stressed eyes– simply pop into the freezer for an hour, place over the eye area and feel it ease the tension from tired overworked eyes. Comes with a free leatherette pouch. P299

Elianto’s spring flowers Eau de Toilette collection. Formulated in France, all scents are inspired by various spring season flowers – cherry blossoms, tulips, camellias. P299

How about a gift of manicured nails this Mother’s day. This nail care kit comes complete with a 3 way nail buffer, nail trimmer, Strawberry Nail Polish remover, and a bottle of nail lacquer. Elianto’s nail polish is renowned for its rich spectrum of colors and rich exuberant tones. Comes with a free leatherette vanity pouch for mom’s other nail care of makeup items. P399

Sparkle Nail Lacquer set is perfect for moms who want to add some dazzle into their look. The Sparkling Diva line is a limited edition of luxurious nail shades in rich, glittering colors. Comes with elianto’s floral inspired nail art to add a splash of glamour. The Strawberry nail polish remover is scented and infused with Vitamin E to nourish nails and keep them strong and clean. P399

Elianto’s eyeshadow set for moms has four delectable eyeshadow shades with a spring inspired refillable palette. Comes with elianto’s bestselling Rose Cleansing Tissue – all packed in a metallic satin cosmetic bag. P699

After the sumptuous meal at Kimono Ken, the beautiful Elianto girls tooks us beauty products shopping over at The Elianto shop right across the restaurant.  There were a whole lot of great finds and it wasn’t until we realized the mall was about to close that we have been there a while.  Here is my loot. Watch out for my review I’m having live over at my beauty blog, 😉

Cosmetic bag box shape (black) – P599

Classic mini brusher set – P499

Miracle White BB Cream – P799

Deep Sea Lip/Eye Make up Remover – P399

Nail Color in Grape Wine – P99

I am already loving their products. Especially their make up remover. It can easily replace my Clinique Take the day off in a heartbeat. My skin isn’t breaking out as well with with the BB cream. Here’s what makes it even sweeter,  Elianto Philippines is sponsoring a contest via my beauty blog, We’re currently finalizing the mechanics. Meanwhile, you might want to go to Kikay Corner’s Fan Page and subscribe so as not to miss the update. 🙂

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Contest Alert -Win Elianto Beauty Products

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