May 2 is World Bloggers Day

May 2 is World Bloggers Day. Wow! Bloggers have really gone a long way since.  My blogging journey started in 2004 via when I first learned that we were pregnant. I used to do the old school diary when I was younger. And I couldn’t go right back to that when I cannot anymore find those journals I have filled through the years.

Web blogging was the answer to my wanting to have every milestone of our journey towards parenting recorded. Online journal won’t rot, tarnish and yellow and they will look the same through the years. I later moved to Multiply and in the late 2007, claimed the domain for Marriage and Beyond. Our purpose for blogging since evolved to just recording milestones, to monetizing websites, to ministering to others as we share bits and pieces about marriage, parenting and everything in between.  Here is the 2005 Archive of Marriage and Beyond. This main site since gave birth to a host of different sites with their own niches.

The World Bloggers Day is happening at Parkmall Cebu today, May 2, 2010.  The video clip above was made by the influential Azrael who is responsible for coming up with the Manila Bloggers network. You will find Marriage and Beyond at 3:39. Thank you Az! 🙂

May 2 is World Bloggers Day

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