Back to doing “couch time”

It was just recently that the hubby and I noticed that we have practically done away with our “Couch Time.” We are not a perfect couple. We may stray away from what’s ideal from time to time. But we make sure that we go right back to the basics as soon as we are reminded about it.

Couch time is what we used to do as soon as the hubby gets home. The default is usually that the father goes to the child for bonding time as soon as he’s home. But the healthier thing to do is for the husband and wife to get together first for their couch time. It does not need to be very long. Aside from having your child see that the priority is each other, it also forces the couple to put everything else aside and give each other the undivided attention they cannot otherwise do in their daily schedule. It also erases the thought on the child that the world revolves around him. This is especially true in our case because we have an only child. We strongly believe that an only child does not have to mean a spoiled child. Aside from that, it gives the children a sense of security, which the family is suppose to give them to begin with.

We have practically laid off on our couch time for a while. We immediately see its effect on our son when we try to jump right back to it — disapproval manifests through his actions (frowning, running towards his room and gives us those “don’t spend time with me anymore ha” phrases). It wasn’t hard for him to adjust right back to it. As of late, because of our very busy schedules, we are thinking of enrolling ourselves in a gym. It would be nice to do treadmills side by side (although I know I will hardly keep up with the hubby). We just thought that maybe it will further force us to put our gadgets aside and bond on a more regular basis. Our schedules have gone crazier as soon as 2010 set in. We’ll see. But for now, couch time is officially back. 🙂

Back to doing “couch time”

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