RainbowBrush Artist Circle Activity for Kids

Yesterday, I attended an event for parent bloggers where we were presented 2 of the most creative toys that were recently introduced in the market – ZipBin and RainbowBrush. Just to give you an idea what RainbowBrush is. Here is a video clip of how to get started with these creative pens.

I could spend hours watching the demonstrations with delight. 😀

Here’s more about RainbowBrush:

The amazing thing about RainbowBrush® is you can simply connect any number of RainbowBrush® markers together in any combination and start producing rainbow art in minutes. Use just one at a time, or connect two or more together for the most vibrant, rainbow color combinations you will ever see.

Make it easy for children of all ages and artistic abilities to have hours of fun discovering over 100 different color variations.

Captivate, motivate and educate with these amazing markers! Great for all ages!

Here are three unique features about the markers:

1) The markers look like rockets but actually those “wings” allow you to connect markers up, down, left or right, on both sides.

2) The extra wide nib produces a brush-like application of color to any artwork; or, one multi-color nib when two or more markers are connected and lightly pressed together.

3) RainbowBrush® markers are self-cleaning. Fresh paint replaces any blended or muddy color as you draw.

Other reasons why RainbowBrush markers are great: The ink is non-toxic, water washable and long lasting. (Conforms to ASTM D-4236)

Artists of all ages and abilities can now ‘paint’ on paper, wood or canvas with various rainbow color combinations in a single stroke.

I especially love that these creative markers are non-toxic, washable and last your kid a real long while.  The presenter yesterday was so confident with their markers that he just had to demonstrate it right there on the wall of the cafe we were in. And true enough the ink just came right off with simple wiping of damp cloth.  How’s that for a solution for parents who have to struggle with their kids to keep their markers off the wall?

Incidentally, RainbowBrush is sponsoring an art contest from May 1-23 (Saturdays and Sundays only), from 2PM – 5PM.  You can walk-in register your child on the event with a minimum purchase of P300 worth of Zahazhiki products.  But you can also PRE-REGISTER HERE and all you need to buy is P100 worth of Zhazhiki products (RainbowBrush, Crayola, Zipbin, Yoropen, Geddes Crayons, Mic-o-mic) purchased in Toy Kingdom, Megamall within the month of May 2010. All you need to do is show up at the event with your receipt. All materials that your child will be using in the event will be provided for.

Register Your Child Here

RainbowBrush Artist Circle Activity for Kids

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