Flu vaccination for the family

When I said I wanted to lose weight, I never meant to lose it in a manner that I have to get sick. But that’s what happened. Now that I think about it, our family was not able to get our flu vaccination for this year yet. Maybe it is time to get that scheduled soon.

I know I hardly have a need for weight loss pills. But when you are suddenly faced with a closet full of clothes that barely fit you, it can be a bit bothersome. I have always belonged to the same size right from college and it can be frustrating. Especially so that I cannot afford to change wardrobes just yet. I have definitely lost appetite and I was told that honey could help me get my sense of taste back. Not that I would love to balloon again. But because I need to up my resistance to kick off this cold bug out of my system. And when that’s done, they I’ll finally get my shot. 

Flu vaccination for the family

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